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We live and breathe digital.

When designing and developing the digital experiences that help brands thrive, there's never a moment we're not always-on. Our individual personalities and expertise may differ, but we are all client-focused, creatively-inspired and always driven by results.

Our Capabilities

Everything you need to elevate.

Connections between brands and audiences can happen anytime and anywhere. Converting these connections into conversations takes a strategic approach fueled by a knowledge of the latest digital marketing technologies.


Your user's wants, needs and challenges are at the foundation of everything we design.

  • Responsive Websites
  • Branding & Identity
  • User Experience
  • Interface & Interaction


Layers of critical thinking and expertise that are applied to each step of the user's journey.

  • Brand & Messaging
  • Content & Delivery
  • Conversion Optimization
  • UX Optimization
  • Digital Advertising
  • Search Engine Marketing


The backbone of every solution that we provide.

  • Content Management Systems
  • Email Marketing Solutions
  • Marketing Automation
  • E-Commerce Platforms
  • API & Systems Integration
  • Web Analytics & Tag Management

An Agency defined by its people.

Real people stitched together by a passion for overcoming complex problems facing meaningful brands across the digital media spectrum.

President & Founder

Niall Durkan

Niall started Durkan Group on the side in '98 before open source Content Management Systems even existed. In the beginning, he leveraged his experience in application development, honed from consulting in big pharma and other high-profile verticals, to craft custom web solutions for businesses in the Greater Philadelphia Area.

Then, during 2003, Niall cut the corporate cord and Durkan Group officially went full-time. In addition to developing websites and apps, Niall soon discovered the satisfaction that came from delivering custom solutions to businesses that valued earnest work and honest communication. In the 16 years since, Niall has made it his mission to handcraft a team of experts that not only have an insatiable passion and high aptitude for all things digital, but who take to heart the values that jump-started his success in the first place.

Digital Strategist

Sean Hennessy

Sean is a t-shaped creative with a strong passion for crafting delightful and empowering digital experiences.

At Durkan Group, he develops UX strategies for campaigns and crafts high-impact solutions for brands from content strategy to lead generation. In addition to spearheading the digital marketing arm of our group, he also assists the design team with user research and information architecture; leveraging a deep understanding of Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Web Analytics and Content Marketing throughout the process.

When he isn't exploring new ideas and experiences, Sean is often found at home enjoying the best experience of all; life with his young family.

Development Lead

Clinton Robbins

Clinton has been with Durkan Group for over 10 years building advanced websites and applications. Clinton is often referred to by the team as 'The Wizard,' due to his ability to provide simple solutions to complex development challenges. He is responsible for web architecture, administration and is the chief designer of the frameworks and processes we leverage to deliver advanced solutions for our clients. He has extensive eCommerce development experience with platforms such as Magento, WooCommerce, Shopp, and more. He has also developed a number of custom, business-critical web applications for our clients that give them a competitive edge in their market.

Clinton is the only remote team member; working out of his home office in Ithaca, New York. This only adds to his lore and mystique as he delivers the 'automagical' from afar. Clinton received his Bachelor’s of the Fine Arts in Art Video from Syracuse University; he's an artist as well as our Lead Developer - always bringing serious passion to his work. Clinton enjoys backpacking, gardening and rebuilding carburetors in his spare time.

AWS Certified Solutions Architect
AWS Certified Solutions Architect

Project Manager

Darren Exley

Darren manages projects and brings constant improvement to Durkan Group's operational processes. Horse sense is needed to balance creativity with practicality and ensure a simple approach to technically complex challenges. Darren brings this to the table along with a high level of service to our clients. He has managed accounts and projects from the 'Shop Around The Corner' to the national, household name. His quick, analytical thinking and focus on efficiency ensures our clients enjoy their experience with Durkan Group just as much as the finished product.

In addition to guiding projects across the finish line, Darren can be found participating in far too many recreational sports leagues for his age; volunteering with the Phoenixville Jaycees and enjoying time with his wife and daughters.

Creative Director

Andi Archer

Andi, an industry vet since '97, joined Durkan Group originally as a developer. We soon discovered her talent for design, and that she had a strong vision for how we could take things to the next level. Leveraging her experience designing, building and supporting sites since the dot-com boom, Andi lends herself as a versatile powerhouse of creativity and capability. Throughout her digital tenure, she's honed skills in marketing, account management and art direction; making her an extremely valuable asset to our clients whose projects require an understanding of a full landscape of pain points affecting users.

To say that Andi is obsessed with her work would be an understatement but, when she's not hard at work developing websites or spending time with family you'll hear her playing lead guitar in an all-mom band called "Your Mom," seriously.

Business Operations Manager

Leah Troiano

Getting her start as a writer and editor in the B2B magazine industry, Leah's career took a sharp turn into managing creative teams, running an international start up and then eventually running her own companies. As Durkan Group business operations manager, Leah is helping with business development, marketing, writing, editing, social media and office management.

When she's not quietly plotting her evil plan to remove every last Oxford comma, you can find her indulging her hippy-leaning tendencies of brewing kombucha, hiking or tending her bees.

UI/UX Designer

Wes Manley

Wes has been designing websites and logos professionally since 2009. Following the virtues of "less is more", he powers into every stage of the design experience. Whether it be hand sketching logos, blocking out wireframes, adapting designs to mobile environments, everything he does is minimal, clean and strong.

When not designing websites, you can usually find him playing far too many PC games, obsessing over Subarus, hiking in the woods, or playing with LEGO bricks with his son.

Front End Developer

Kyle DeSimone

Kyle is the latest addition to the Durkan Group team. Kyle takes great designs and brings them to life through his superior front end development skills. Kyle is not limited to front end design as he is versed in all steps of the creative design process including mood boards creation, wireframing testing usability and functionality, fabricating unique designs, and prototyping, all while maintaining responsive design best practices. Kyle is all about ensuring our websites work flawlessly across the various operating systems, browsers and devices. Great design implementation in digital requires attention to detail, making things pixel perfect, making movement and animation meaningful and an enjoyable user experience. Kyle does just that and more.

Kyle enjoys spur-of-moment outdoor adventures. He also likes riding and racing his dirt bike and relaxing with his wife and pup penny.



Charlie goes by a number of names including Char, Chef Boyardee, Agent C, Charbeast, Regalbeast and more. Once referred to as "World's Largest Cocker Spaniel" which then spawned yet another nickname, "World's Largest", Char is actually a mix of golden retriever and cocker spaniel.

Char handles shredding, alerting us to visitor arrivals and providing emotional support to all team members. His positive energy and calm demeanor have earned him a spot on the team despite his habits of sleeping on the job and many attempts at stealing food. Char can most often be found tucked into his special spot in the dormer, resting on his bed overlooking the patio where he sleeps and periodically observes any outside activity.



Gunther is a golden retriever/cocker spaniel mix that came recommended to us by Charlie. He was living in South Dakota at the time and was looking for a change of pace and a creative environment. We set up a phone interview (which he aced), ending the call with the following plea: "Listen, I've got the chops! It's freezing and I'm stuck in a cage most of the day. Get me the hell out of here and I'll be forever grateful!"

With that, he sealed the deal and we negotiated a contract that specified payment in bones, bacon and pets. Gunther has high levels of energy and can be often found running loops in the office field and generally making life difficult for birds, rabbits & groundhogs in the surrounding area. He manages any of our sites related to dogs such as Applebrook Inn Pet Resort and Petcare Group. When pressed to move outside of his comfort zone of dog related sites, he says: "That ain't my business!"

A few things we believe.

  1. 1

    Decide, implement, or get off the pot.

    We despise management bloat and processes that add little value to a project or impede progress. There's no room here for people who excel only at relaying information. Each of our team members creates, implements and makes decisions swiftly.

  2. 2

    Arrogance gets checked at the door.

    We're feeling like we're at the top of our game right now. We've got the people, the talent and the tools but, we don't let it get to our heads. Everyone here knows that our very best work is the result of a modest and openly-collaborative process where everyone’s prints are on the finished product.

  3. 3

    Empathy is a requirement.

    In addition to having expertise and great communication skills, each of us believe in having a true sense of empathy. It's absolutely critical that we 'put ourselves in other people’s shoes.' Only then do we know the goals of a brand, and how to motivate its users to complete them.

  4. 4

    You won't find the Model T here.

    Nor any assembly lines for that matter. As a digital agency, our team members each have a specific area of expertise. Rest assured, we don't act in silos; our knowledge is always shared. When we kick your project off, the whole team is in on it from the get-go. Everyone contributes and everyone collaborates from start to finish.

  5. 5

    Strong relationships are how we measure success.

    We take as much pride in our relationships with our clients as we do with the final product. For us, you can't have one without the other; they go hand in hand. Strong relationships are critical to the success of our projects, and we absolutely thrive on them.

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