We are excited to announce that Durkan Group has moved! It has been bittersweet for us, as we spent 10 eventful years in our previous location.

230 Three Tun Road is not a far distance from where we were but many miles apart in terms of where we are going while staying true to our roots, ethos and clients. Many memories and awesome projects were created at our old office, but the new space is a big step up. We see it as a catalyst for further growth.

Our new office is in an industrial style warehouse seconds from Route 30. We are loving all of the added open space and great natural light we have to brainstorm and create in (not to mention our proximity to Penn Distilling and Locust Lane Brewery).

The extra space gives us room to grow our team and resources which, most importantly, means we can better serve and elevate our clients.

How it came together…

We have been on the hunt for a new space for some time, like the past year and a half. We have looked at all sorts of places, from Chester County classic stone farmhouses, contemporary, to everything in between. After our long search we found the spot that came together in just 3 weeks, from the first step in the door to look at the place to committing and signing. In another 4 weeks we had the place built out and ready to go. Some situations you come across are easy, a strong fit, and come together naturally. This is a strong indicator that it was meant to be.

Check out the Space…

We had to keep the team rolling hard on projects and make the move a least disruptive as possible. With the help of some great subcontractors we were able to trade out the oppressive florescent lighting for nice circular LED, paint all rooms and replace the ugly green carpeting with wood flooring. We are thrilled with the result. Now we have a great space that is ready to be constantly refined and made better. Much work remains but it is a place that is setup for us to do our best work! Take a look at some pics below:


Here is Kyle starting to paint this canvas with the Durkan Group logo unveiling here:

Come visit…

Come visit! Come in for guidance, advice and inspiration. Our best work is always ahead of us and we want you to be part of it. It all starts with a conversation, click here to schedule your visit and begin a new journey that will elevate your brand and allow your digital efforts to fuel growth for your business.

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