Kilcullen & Company

Guiding navigators through the unfamiliar to uncover a story untold.

Kilcullen & Company is similar to many brands we've listened to and collaborated with. They've put the time in, are continuing to grow, and are scaling the efficacy of their services. But, despite being considered expert navigators of the talent search process, discovering what this firm was made of and what it could do was a challenge for most website users. Our goal for the site and branding update was less about laying the path towards conversion; it was about bringing the story of the team and its capabilities into a captivating light.

We put the crew first and the rest just followed.

Data collected from web analytics showed us that team profiles were the most-viewed pages on the existing site. Naturally, potential clients and search candidates want to know more about the people that are steering them towards success. Figuring out how to deliver a narrative-like experience that instilled confidence and trust in these user types came easily once we started treating the members of the Kilcullen & Company team like protagonists and not like unknown names in a team directory.

Motion designed to engage and delight.

Clean. Tight. Responsive.

The Results

By leveraging Kilcullen & Company's existing lighthouse logo we were able to bring the crew and navigation motifs into better focus without straying too far into uncharted territory. This blend of the familiar mixed with the cutting-edge also translates into all other methods of communication from print proposals to digital presentations, and even marketing materials. The nautical theme, particularly the sailing elements, intend to further reinforce Kilcullen & Company as highly-skilled experts who help their clients navigate the talent search process.

Launch Website

Our clients don't typically find us via an online search, so heavy SEO and online marketing wasn't something that interested me. What I did want was a custom, high end, intelligent design that enhanced my brand. I got this with Durkan Group. They took the time to get to know us and what we do.

PRESIDENT & CEO Brian Kilcullen

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