Lamb McErlane Attorneys at Law

Bringing balance to the design.

Lamb McErlanePC is a full-service law firm that provides high-end legal services across many areas of practice. They have a reputation for employing exceptional talent that allows them to go head-to-head with any firm in the city. Since their inception in 1948, they have stayed true to their West Chester roots; establishing strong relationships and providing outstanding, personalized service just as you would expect in a small town. Through thoughtful analysis and strong design we were able to bring balance between “big city capabilities” and “small town service and reliability.”

Subtly modernizing a long-standing brand.

Lamb McErlane had a strong existing identity when they came to us for help. We were able to use this foundation and enhance their position without making drastic changes that would alienate their client base. By layering updated colors, fonts, and photography treatment, we have elevated Lamb McErlane. We leveraged these enhancements across all digital channels and print to ensure consistency across every touch point.

Client and community first since 1948.

Over-the-top flashiness and aggressive tactics with intrusive calls to action just isn't your style if you're a highly-respected firm such as Lamb McErlane. The website experience had to properly convey the genuine culture and values of the firm with every click.

The Results

Lamb McErlane’s website now provides an accurate representation of who they are; a law firm with exceptional legal talent that stays true to the philosophy and values upon which it was founded. Highly professional, approachable, and focused on providing clients with top notch legal representation. This project was right in our wheelhouse. We enjoy getting to know our clients, telling their story, and elevating their brand as a whole.

Launch Website

From inception, to design, to the launch of our new website, the Durkan Group provided and continues to provide exceptional service and support to Lamb McErlane PC. The team at the Durkan Group was very flexible throughout the process and was able to deliver a modern and fresh website for the Firm. We were truly impressed with the guidance and advice the entire team at the Durkan Group provided us.

Marketing Director Sara Hollinger

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