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LLR Partners is Philadelphia's Top Private Equity Firm for Growth Partnerships and like many other long-running companies, they continue to evolve as the technology and the language that shapes its future evolves, too. In the same stride, LLR knew that a strong redesign would only support their digital presence so far. Aside from just having an accessible website that 'looks with the times,' LLR had identified a new growth strategy for itself: authoring valuable content reinforced by a strong visual design language.

Services Delivered

  • Responsive Website Design
  • User Interface Design
  • Content Publishing Platform
  • Branding & Visual Design Language Refresh
  • Marketing Collateral Redesign
  • User Experience Research
  • Social Media and Search Engine Marketing
  • Brand Position Strategy

Cementing both position and identity with a dual purpose site navigation.

Investing can come with a lot of different precepts and one of the project's key challenges was communicating LLR's corporate identity and culture without adding to the noise that some of those precepts tend to bring. The phrase-based masthead directs users to the key areas of the site; LLR's approachable people (We), a library of stories, insights and events (Grow); the company's extensive investment profile (Companies); and all the news and events you need to stay up to date with LLR and its network of companies (Every Day).

Growth Bits is about publishing with purpose.

Empowered with a fully-custom, flexible Content Management System (CMS), the team at LLR Partners regularly publishes content authored by members of the Value Creation Team along with their network of thought leaders. As corporate blogging becomes more commonpractice, we saw an opportunity to help make LLR's content more memorable by instilling a sense of branded purpose with Growth Bits - elevating the Grow feed over everyday company blogs and motivating the editorial team to deliver valuable content to its userbase.

Strategy and culture, elevated.

It's people that make partnerships possible. Period. The people of LLR put their unique culture on display with a specially-designed page that outlines the company's everyday in addition to showcasing the excitement of company-wide activities through a social media-driven image collage.

The Results

What's resulted is what comes from the very best of partnerships: good work that does good. From a thorough and collaborative process, Durkan Group, with LLR Partners, delivered a digital home for users to understand the experience of working with LLR and a portal to access impactful tips for growth , even after the ink dries...

Launch Website

We chose to work with Durkan Group because of their exceptional creative work as well as their mastery of the underlying code. During discovery, the Durkan team listened well for what we said – and what we didn’t say – and they hit the mark creatively right from the start. The team hustled from kick off to go-live and we couldn’t be more pleased with how the results help differentiate LLR Partners.

Vice President of Strategic Marketing Kristy DelMuto

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