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Structure, simplicity and elegance via a brand new website and updated brand identity.

Engineering is complex, especially when you are building 65+ story structures and retrofitting existing buildings. This is what The Harman Group does. Despite the complexities, they strive not only for achieving excellence on their projects but in their relationships, too. When it came to their site redesign, Durkan Group extended this philosophy through a compelling, yet clean and simple interface.

Services Delivered

  • Branding & Identity
  • Interaction Design
  • User Experience
  • UX Optimization
  • Custom Wordpress CMS
  • Responsive Design

Elevated past the skyline.

The Harman Group has been delivering top-tier structural engineering services for over 32 years. The projects keep getting bigger; The Harman Group has 10 high-rises currently under construction in Philadelphia. Durkan Group is proud to have elevated the company's digital presence in a way that reflects the high-end service and expertise they provide during every project.

A brand you can now identify.

The Harman Group wanted a new logo but did not want to completely stray from its existing mark in fear of creating brand confusion. We were able to leverage existing assets while still enhancing the logo and supporting brand materials through the use of a more contemporary font pairing, color updates and and subtle modifications to the placement of “the building blocks.” The new visual identity has the blocks together as a structural element in the lower right that holds “The Harman Group” in place. This conceptually represents what The Harman Group does, building the seemingly-impossible through structural engineering.

New focus on an expert team.

After reviewing analytics data from the old website, we found that the team bios were the most popular pages among new users. Our goal when designing the team's presentation was to convey a high level of experience and professionalism but also stress approachability and individuality. This was accomplished through a combination of casual and professional shots as well as associating team members with projects, news and blog articles in which they had authored.

Showing off the work.

Now, users can easily view the stunning work of The Harman Group through case studies, visually-driven service pages, and a robust project portfolio that can be filtered by industry sector. Internal staff are completely empowered to regularly update the site with new work through a custom content management system that adapts to the publishing workflows of multiple content managers.

The Results

The site enhancements makes it easier for architects, developers, owners and construction teams to find the information they care about, including new Project Overviews broken down by asset type; plus Case Studies, Personnel Bios and News. Engineers looking to join The Harman Group’s growing team can find new opportunities, plus get a real sense of what it’s like to work at the firm, in the new Culture section.

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