The Iron Shop

Craftsmen coming together to produce an exceptional experience.

The Iron Shop’s ancestors have been forging custom, high-end ironwork since 1931; establishing themselves as the premier spiral staircase manufacturer. Through thoughtful collaboration and thoughtful design and planning, the newly-redesigned website elevates the brand, properly reflects product craftsmanship and provides users pleasant experiences whether there to learn, build or buy.

Services Delivered

  • Brandy Strategy
  • Interaction Design
  • E-Commerce
  • Conversion Optimization
  • User Experience Design
  • Content Strategy

Conveying strength and position through design.

The recent updates to the brand speak to the strength, experience and craftsmanship found in the hearts of employees and the stories of the company's products. All of which is now interwoven throughout all of their key marketing channels. The design reflects the essence of The Iron Shop through and through: strong, straight forward, robust and complex yet simple and easy to use.

A satisfying experience for all.

Maybe you're a do-it-yourselfer, or even a seasoned contractor; whether you're looking to design and install your own spiral staircase or need to dig up installation specs on a custom kit, the entire Iron Shop experience is easy to access from anywhere and from any device.

Let them build it and they will come.

At kickoff, a key stakeholder from The Iron Shop walked us through a custom car builder online.“We want something like this, except for spiral stairs”, he explained. We loved the challenge and the opportunity to create something innovative that sets The Iron Shop apart from its competitors. Customers are consistently enjoying the experience of customizing their own stairs and playing with the myriad of options that allow them to build the perfect staircase that's just for them.

The Results

The Iron Shop has experienced a surge in sales since launching its new site. Of course, ordering a spiral staircase online is not as straightforward as pressing “Add To Cart." Many dimensions need to specified along with a slew of options selected. A great deal of focus was spent on making the ordering process as intuitive and friendly as possible. Conversion rates have vastly improved. Workflows to convert abandoned orders that previously did not exist are now in place and adding to the bottom line.

Launch Website

My experience with Niall and everyone at the Durkan group was outstanding. There is a reason that they separate themselves from every other marketing group in the area, because they truly took the time to understand our product and what we were trying to accomplish with this new website. From the constant phone calls, to in-house meetings, no question was too big or small for them to handle. Even further more everyone went the extra mile to help out after the site went live. With the very reasonable fees, and the above and beyond support from everyone at The Durkan Group we wouldn’t think of using anyone else but them for our next project.

Senior Executive Vice-President Sam Cohen

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