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Enhancing a luxury brand through superior design and user experience.

The Raab Collection sells historical documents signed by influential figures we have all studied in school at one point or another. Einstein, Napoleon, Washington, Lincoln, Churchill and our Founding Fathers are just a handful of examples. They're more than just a seller; they're internationally-recognized experts focused on providing quality and authenticity to the most discerning document collectors. Durkan Group crafted a new visual design language and user flow that invokes a white glove-like feeling when experienced online.

Services Delivered

  • Brand Strategy
  • Interaction Design
  • Drupal to Wordpress Migration
  • Customized WordPress CMS
  • User Experience Design
  • Content Strategy

Signature design.

One of the aspects we really enjoy during the process is a client’s delightful reaction when surprised with thoughtful designs; The Raab Collection was no exception. “The signature! That’s so obvious, why didn’t I ever think of that!” exclaimed a key stakeholder - he was referring to the presentation of signatures as a key motif throughout the site's design. At that very moment, we couldn't have been happier.

Traditional organization with a digital presentation.

We approached the redesign with a heavy focus on how to best organize figures, eras and documents; giving a nod to traditional organization systems, such as the Dewey Decimal System, with a deck of cards. The arrangement of the card pattern allows users to seamlessly navigate to the figures they admire most and view the signed documents that have cemented them in history.

Highlighting the features.

Each signed document is unique; bearing its own specific features and points of historical significance. We delivered a solution that allows content managers of The Raab Collection to easily create hotspots on a given document and make a particular callout about a component that contributes to the document's distinction and authenticity.

Searching made simple.

Users can easily enter their search and have suggested figures appear in a friendly and digestible format that allows them to easily drill into a given figure or era via type-ahead or by viewing all results.

The Results

Beyond introducing a new, responsive design we were able to migrate the site from Drupal to WordPress seamlessly. The migration was coordinated and planned with great care as the site has thousands of pages contributing to its strong SEO standing that we knew could not be jeopardized. We managed to retain the same URL structure for the majority of the pages, in addition to maintaining years' worth of carefully-constructed redirects. Since launch, we have seen traffic and conversions rise past previous benchmarks.

Launch Website

From the very first day, the Durkan Group exceeded our expectations. They showed great creativity and knowledge, as well as real professionalism, a rare combination. We have worked with a lot of web companies and now feel we have finally found a long term partner. It was evident that they really cared about our project and always had time to pick up the phone and chat. I would enthusiastically recommend them to anyone (except our competitors).

Owner Nathan Raab

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