The Town of Whitehall

It's Delaware's first new town in over a century and we're helping to build it.

The Town of Whitehall is an ambitious, mixed-use master plan community spanning over 3,000 acres in Delaware. The goal? To build, nurture and sustain a walkable community where residents live, work, and play. From designing and developing the town's new real estate website to elevating its lead generation techniques, we take pride in working towards making that goal a reality for the town's founders and its soon-to-be residents.

Branding the show as tickets are printed.

Our biggest challenge during the website design process was the fact that the Town's Builders had yet to break ground. Instead of looking at the challenge as a road block, we embraced it and made it a cornerstone of the project's overall strategy. In collaboration with the team at Whitehall, we devised an approach to story-telling the community's 'Live, Work, Play' concept before trickling further down to showcasing the homes individually. The result of that adaptive approach is evident throughout the design of the Whitehall website but also carries over into the marketing efforts, ad campaigns and unique landing pages that bring newly-engaged visitors to the site.

Every click covered, end-to-end.

A key objective of the new Whitehall website is to deliver highly-qualified leads to the Sales Team. To do this effectively, and within budget, we monitor and optimize every stage of the user's click journey. From the first ad click to the appropriate landing page, to the automated marketing email that keep users informed, we're making sure that Whitehall stays on-brand and in-budget while generating and retaining qualified leads week after week.

All the traits of a premier real estate portal.

Past the hometown story is everything one would expect from a high-end real estate website. Between the interactive product pages and the sales tool integrations with 3rd Party CRMs and on-site kiosk screens, Whitehall is equipped with everything that they need to make the town founders' dream a reality.

The Results

New prospects and long-time fans of the town engage in cohesive and creative experiences whenever they digitally encounter the Town of Whitehall. These experiences are what keep the phones ringing and online sign-ups flowing. Those same experiences are also what help build trust with the community at large, and position Whitehall as the town it envisions itself being for generations to come. Now, that's something to be proud of if you ask us.

Launch Website

The team at Durkan Group has helped the Town of Whitehall present our 'live, work, and play in a new town' concept in a very exciting manner. Their understanding of branding, website development, SEO, and coordination with sales helped us efficiently reach our desired audience, and has also helped to teach us a few things in the process. What’s more, they’ve been a true pleasure to work with along the way.

President of Whitehall Ventures, LLC Chris Grundner

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